Fame & Fortune . . .

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Chris & I were sitting on the floor of the elevator, he was rubbing my feet. After about an hour and a half of arguing with each other, we both finally admitted to being wrong and made up. That was like 30 minutes ago. We had contacted the hotel and told them we were stuck and they said they would try and get help but since it was rather late at night it may take a while. I didn’t mind at all. Me & Chris were catching up, seeing as though we were friends again. I let out a deep moan as my massage came to a close. I loved it when that man caressed me, he had gold in those hands. He completely relaxed my body. He was staring at me when I opened my eyes.

"Whaaaaa?" I asked, slightly embarrassed.
"Do you have to moan like that? You be doing things to a nigga." He said, adjusting himself through his jeans.

"Shut your horny ass up." I laughed but he didnt. Instead he leaned over me and softly kissed my lips. He tried to pull away but I pulled him back in, deepening our kiss. Before I knew it, our tongues were dancing effortlessly together. It was plenty of passion and emotion being shared right now. He crawled further on top of me and grabbed my waist, squeezing my sides, making me moan against his lips. He shockingly pulled away quickly.

"Fuck you, Tory. Stop teasing me man, it’s not fair." He sank against the wall and I smirked at him. I climbed into his lap and straddled him, placing my hands on his cheeks so I could kiss him again. I felt him growing steadily under me and the kiss grew sloppy. He was attacking me now with his kisses. He took my tiny shirt of and kissed my bare chest. His lips were like butter, smooth and soft. I threw my arms around his neck and he held me closer, burying his face in my chest. I bit my lip to suppress my moans as his kisses dipped lower. He licked and sucked on my stomach, holding onto my thighs. He laid me down and pulled off my leggings. He admired my almost naked body for a moment before kissing up and down my thigh. He was just complaining about me teasing him and here he was teasing me. He pulled my panties off with his teeth and took my thighs into his hands, kissing them both one last time. His tongue then circled and sucked on my swollen clit, causing my body to drip and shudder. He sucked me slowly at first, gently biting it every now and then but now his tongue was flicking across it faster than before. He dove his tongue inside me and another moan escaped my lips. I was trying to be quiet because I was pretty sure the people in the lobby could hear us. He slid two fingers into me and I almost lost my composure. He pumped them in and out of me so quickly, I basically rode his hand. He went face to face with my clit again while his fingers were still inside me. He sucked and teased it non stop.

"Mm, fuck…" I barely said clearly.

"There?" Chris asked me, biting his lip. He was rubbing his fingertips against my spot gently.

"Stop… Fucking… Teasing…" I panted. He laughed.

"Tell me where baby. Right here?" He pressed against that spot slightly harder. My back arched in anticipation.

"Chris, yes! There! I told you, now stop teasing." I breathed.

"Yes ma’am." He smirked before ramming his fingers against my spot and making me squeal. He hit it repeatedly and I couldn’t control myself. I felt my walls tightening around his fingers and my legs began to shake. He & I both knew what was coming next.

- Chris’ POV :P

I stroked her pussy roughly, because that’s obviously how she wanted it. Her walls got tight around me, meaning she was about to cum. I sped up even faster until she screamed and came in the palm of my hand. I played with her a little while longer before pulling my fingers out of her. Her weak, breathless body gave me all the confirmation I needed. Job well done, Christian. I hope she didn’t think I was finished. I kissed her and she held onto me tightly. I ripped my shirt off and moments later my jeans were off too. I positioned myself between Tory’s thighs and teased her with the tip. I knew she would hate it.

"Just fuck me already, Chris. Fuck me now." She said with her eyes closed. I went in then pulled out before giving her all of me. Her expression was priceless.

"Christian!" she screamed at me, her eyes popping open.

"Damn mami, I already got you screaming my name and I ain’t even inside you yet." I said, chuckling. But before she could respond I slammed myself into her, she let out a satisfied moan. She rolled her hips in an immediately rhythm with me. Our body’s were in sync. I pumped in & out of her slowly, grinding deeply inside her.

"Oh fuck y-yes, mm." She studdered as I rammed into her, rough but slowly. I wanted to savor this moment, since I had imagined it so many times.

"Chris, baby. Faster. Faster baby, Ahhh.." I put one leg over my shoulder so I could give her what she wanted. I crashed into her rapidly, transforming her clear moans into slurred outburst. I grunted and groaned as her juices spilled from her onto me. Her thighs were dripping from her wetness. She was perfect.

"Chrisss, ah.. Dont stop baby, please." Her nails were clawing out my back but I didn’t mind. I had surely given her a few bruises so it was only fair. She tugged and pulled at random parts of my body.

"All fours… now." She quickly did as I said and got on her hands & knees, back arched. I grabbed onto her waist and slid inside her. She gasped and screamed readjusting to my size. I watched her ass as it bounced up against me.

"Damn mami." I mumbled when she began throwing it back at me. Her knees got wobbly so I gripped her waist tighter, holding her closer to me.

"I love you, ResseCup." I breathed against her ear.

"I lo-love you t-too, ba-baby." She stammered repeatedly before cumming again. We actually came together that time. That was the fourth time for her, second for me. Sex with her was noticeably different. The way she screamed, felt, tasted… Everything from her faces to her sounds made me never want to stop. She collapsed against my naked body, breathing heavily against my chest. She had took me through so many emotions in such a short period of time. There was no doubt in my mind that I loved her and just hearing her say it back was all I needed. We made loud, passionate love in an elevator for everyone to hear. There was no doubt about it, she’s mine now. Her breathing slowed back to normal and I knew she would be asleep soon.

"Toryian." I said.

"Hmm?" She kept her position.

"I mean it." I said.

"You mean what?" She looked up at me confused.

"I really do love you, mami. No matter what I do, what I say, or how I’m acting. A nigga is serious about you." I stated honestly and she blushed, I just loved seeing her smile.

"I love you more, Freckles." she leaned up and kissed my nose.

"There you go with those embarrassing ass nicknames." I said.

"Don’t hate the player, hate the game Blondie." I don’t think I could ever get used to her actually being mine… I just hoped I didn’t punk out or screw up. Breaking her heart is actually my worst nightmare.


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